We start by getting clear on what your vision is for your big day.  What pieces do you have already?  What gaps need to get filled?  Then we have a delightful conversation where we live into the wedding day and what the experience will be like for you and your guests from beginning to end.


The biggest key to success on your wedding day is your support team.  Having the right people taking care of their assignments and roles, ready and on time.  We ensure those assignments and roles are taken care of so you just get to enjoy this very special Day.



When it has to go right…


This is your big day and we’re here to help you get “hitched” without a hitch.  Lol.  Yeah, we’re corny like that.


You probably haven’t done this before and there are a lot of unknowns.  Or maybe you have done this before and know the intense level of detail that goes into getting it right.


Your Wedding should be nothing less than perfect and you should get to have it exactly the way you want it.  We are your partners in making your dream a reality.

You will have peace of mind preparing for your Day because you are working with people who have been in your shoes.  We realize that this Day is the beginning of your life together and an Epic Wedding is the Foundation for an Epic Marriage and a Epic Romance.  Supporting you is our highest honor and privilege.


Each couple is unique and has different needs.  We customize and adapt our services to meet those needs and deliver your epic day.


Our Covenant; “On Time, As Promised, or Your Money Back…”