Lighting is such a specialty and passion of ours that we felt compelled to dedicate a page to it.  


Color and Shade affect the entire mood of a space.  All things being the same, lighting can make the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary.  Lighting up an event makes a contrast and crosses a boundary between the casual gathering and a production.


Can you imagine going on a ride a Disneyland with bright fluorescent lights in every scene?  The effect would ruin the experience.


We love live music but can’t hardly imagine going to see any artist who didn’t have well thought out lighting production with their music.  It absolutely makes the experience come to life and be special.  In fact, at the end of the show, they turn on all the lights as a signal for the audience to leave.


You deserve a little magic in your life.  When the ballroom is set the last thing to happen before the guest arrive is to turn down the "house lights" and turn on the "up lights."  When the sun goes down we control the fade, exposure and shadow to maximize the dream land into a place of mystery and wonder.  


Many of our clients come to us just for this artistic accoutrement alone….