So you think you can sing…

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It’s a bit daring, it can be embarrassing, but when it comes to letting yourself out of the box and showing your friends and family your true colors, karaoke can’t be beat.  We all walk to the beat of our own drum and Karaoke is your chance to let everyone else hear the music in your head.

room or a few hundred friends in a ballroom.  We provide all the equipment and music you could want to have an unforgettable experience with music that you’ll remember forever and want to do again and again.






This is one of our personal favorites and when it’s not setup at your house we leave it setup in our house.  

If you have an inner Rock Star, Country Star, Opera Star, Pop Star living inside you, it's time to stand up to the microphone and let it loose.  This is your moment to shine.

We cater to Karaoke parties big and small.  Whether you are having a few friends over for some fun in your living

For smaller events we have Karaoke systems you can pickup and setup yourself.  If you’re wanting a larger style Karaoke Party we will come, setup, and manage all the fun.

Along with the music we have full theater and club style lighting packages that we can setup on site to truly make your Karaoke event EPIC!

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