The “Cool Factor.”  You can’t teach that…  


Known only as “Space Cowboy” our eclectic in house celebrity DJ is what would happen if you crossed “John Wayne” with “Tron” and cranked up the bass.  A man of few words but multiple beats, he has a unique way of turning up the fun and bringing out your party bug.



Space Cowboy Rules

  1. Do not ask him to dance.  (He doesn’t know how bad he is at it and this will ruin your party).

  2. Do not try to pet or feed him.  (He’s been known to bite).

  3. Always be sure he is properly hydrated.  (Tip: He’s partial to Safire Martini’s)


Space Cowboy books by special request for special events.  You can reach his handlers at or 530-409-5051.


We have normal DJ’s as well who will come dressed in a tuxedo or other appropriate attire….