Lake Tahoe Epic Events & Weddings is the brain child of two hard core event and wedding veterans, Jason and Chelsy Munson.  Jason and Chelsy started their journey together at a backyard wedding in 2005 on a shoe string budget.  That was the first wedding they planned, organized and executed together.  They like to think that being in their 2nd decade of marriage is a testament to the success of the wedding they created together.

Before they met Jason had been working for several years in the music and sound business.  He started in the high school recording studio as the sound engineer and eventually had the experience of working with artists such as the Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Moby and others.  Jason also gain experience

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installing commercial sound systems into all types of buildings such as Sac State University’s Student Union Building when it was remodeled and expanded.

Chelsy is a Class of 2002 South Lake Tahoe native.  She was first exposed to the wedding and event business as a teenager when she worked with her mother who was a florist.  During this time she mastered the art of floral arrangements and developed an eye for elegance and the harmony of space, along with getting the maximum effect with limited budgets.  This experience spilled over into all things decorating with a boldness.  If the cake arrives and doesn’t look right, Chelsy will open her bag of tricks and expertly provide the finishing touches to what ends up looking like pure elegance and taste like chocolate.


Jason and Chelsy learned a lot about weddings from having done their own wedding, which was a great foundation for future events.  Over time they gained a reputation for throwing great parties and being the “go to” couple for their friends who wanted to make their event special.  Everything from Surprise Anniversary Parties, Surprise Engagement Parties, Going Away Parties, Pirate Parties, Themed Parties, House Concerts, Baby Showers to Funerals.  The mindset was always, “say yes and figure out how.”


Things changed in the early 2010’s when Jason started attending more business events and couldn’t help but want to get involved with the productions.  After attending and working with CEO Space from 2012-2014, Forbes Magazine rated it #1 of the “5 'Can't Miss' Conferences For Entrepreneurs.”  After working for CEO Space, Jason went to work on another event called “Secret Knock” which was rated by Forbes Magazine as the #2 Can’t Miss Conference for the year.  Jason went on to work with other events, such as Rainmaker,  Habitude Warrior and Epic Real Estate.



As time went by life became a bit more complicated.  Jason and Chelsy were raising their son Xavier when there nephew Brodie needed a stable home, so in 2015 the family of three was suddenly a family of four.  Aside from the time and energy commitment the boys needed, there were a few years of appearances in Family Court and working with a wide variety of state agencies. 

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Chelsy focused on the boys and homeschool.  Jason focused on his thriving online business.  They still loved the Event and Wedding business but chose to take a step back in 2017, relocate to South Lake Tahoe and focus on family.  Brodie’s adoption was finally complete in March of 2019.


After settling in the South Lake Tahoe community and buying a house, the call back to producing Epic Events and Weddings became too strong to ignore and while  Jason and Chelsy had taken a step back from the business, they couldn’t help but buy items from time to time that they instinctively knew they would use at some point in future events and weddings.  As time went Jason and Chelsy just could not stand being away anymore and re-launched under the new name “Lake Tahoe Epic Events & Weddings…..”